Kid Zone

Ages: 1 - 12 Years                        

Monday-Friday               8:00am -12:00pm

This YMCA Member benefit is designed to provide a safe place for children to play while their parents are working out at the Y. All participants must have a current YMCA Family Membership and are asked to observe our two hour time limit. Parents must remain on the YMCA premises at all times.


  • Annual non-refundable registration fee: 1st Child: $30.00. 2nd Child: $20.00. 3rd, 4th Child: $10.00. 5th Child +: $0.00
  • Fee is not prorated.

Download 2023 registration form


  • Your child’s valid membership card must be presented and scanned each time they attend.
  • Parents must remain on the YMCA property
  • Children may stay in Kid Zone for no more than 2.0 consecutive hours
  • Parents need to sign their child in and out daily. If someone other than the parent is picking up, notification must be given in advance.
  • Carry your membership card for identification purposes.
  • Inform the staff as to where you will be via the sign-in sheet in case the staff need to find you.
  • We do not provide or serve food. Enjoy snacks/meals before or after attending.
  • Staff do not change diapers. Parents will be called to change their child.
  • Children must be in good health to attend. If your child exhibits any symptoms of illness, we will notify you and ask you to pick-up your child. Staff may not administer any medications.
  • We will make every effort to accommodate children with special needs.
  • Appropriate paperwork must be completed and on file along with payment of registration fee.
  • YMCA staff will use redirection and positive reinforcement while working with your child. If these techniques are not successful and your child poses a danger to self or others, we will notify you at once.