Dance Opening Page

About the Department

The James Family Prescott YMCA Dance program is a great opportunity for students to learn many forms of dance. We strive to maintain an atmosphere conducive to instilling the joy of dance in our students. Whether you are enrolled in Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Junior Ballroom or Ballet, our goal is to provide a disciplined dance experience, with strong fundamentals, in an inclusive, nurturing, and fun environment. Students will participate in performances to showcase what they have learned.

Instructors will guide participant’s creative thinking as they learn technique, choreography, and music. Teamwork, respect for others, and dance room etiquette will be the cornerstone of each class while rehearsing and performing as a group.

Ballet follows a levels curriculum with Italian, French and Russian influence, starting with Pre-Ballet 1 (ages 5-6), Pre-Ballet 2 (ages 7-8) and progressing from Ballet 1 (ages 9 and up) through Ballet 6 to the pre-professional level. Regardless of future choices, Mrs.G guides students from a young age to learn correct ballet technique, develop a strong foundation and protect their health and their bodies.

Did you know?
Most people usually do not associate ballet with athletes, but ballet dancers are considered by many to be the best athletes in the world.
Ballet helps to develop: speed, balance strength, stamina, flexibility, lateral movements and mental focus.
Try it out and improve your sport!

Leap, spin, tap your way to fitness & fun. Let the dancer in you shine!! We strive to maintain an atmosphere conducive to instilling the joy of dance in our students.